“You can’t go far unless the product stands out…”
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Welcome to Sylac.gr

Few words about us...

About Us / Our Mission

Sylac is a Greek company founded in 1985 by Dr K. Symeonides for the development and production of varnish for wooden surfaces.
Since then it has focused its production on professional furniture varnish used in furniture manufacture finishing units.

Competitive advantage

Sylac is a leading manufacturer of water based UV lacquer finishes. In our UV laboratory is installed the latest UV fully featured application lines on which we develop and test our latest innovations.
Varnishes with a superior silk satin finish which unveil the natural beauty of the wooden surface

Company Philosophy

Designing professional coatings.
Satisfying and supporting our customer needs.
Consistent production of high quality products.
Bringing forward novel and cutting edge technology products.
Fulfilling the individual customer needs.

What we are doing

We design

At Sylac we design, develop, and produce speciality coatings for wooden surfaces.

Provide solutions

We focus on industrial applications, designing products which provide “solutions” to every application.

New products every day

We place a special focus and consideration on product development, designing new products every day.


ISO Quality

Sylac is certified by ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Standard

The latest standards

We design, formulate and produce high quality products using the latest quality standards set by industry and regulators.


Exhibitions we have participated in

Dubai WoodShow 2014

Sylac specialises in the design and production of coatings for wooden surfaces. We focus on providing “solutions” for every customer.... Read More

ZOW Moscow 2011

Specialised exhibition for components and accessories for the furniture industry  

Our product range

Furniture - Highlights

High Adhesion
Fast Drying
Excellent Transparency


Maintains Parquet Color


Wood wetting
UV Protection
Excellent adhesion